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Cameron Dopp on the Podium at RC Madness on Pro-Line PinPoints and Wedge²


On Sunday the 25th I raced at RC Madness for the January Jam. I kept having troubles with my 2WD Buggy, so midway through the day I switched to my new Yokomo YZ-2. At this time I was qualified in the B-Main and had to bump to the A-Main.

After bumping I glued up some brand new PinPoint rears and some Wedge Squared fronts. While I hadn’t qualified so well and started from the back of the A-Main, my car and Tires were really hooked up and some crashes from the front of the pack allowed me to slowly make my way up to 2nd place and stayed that way.


It was a great day after I got my car all situated.

Thank you to Chris Marcy for putting on a great even at RC Madness in Enfield, CT. I had a blast.

– Cameron Dopp