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Mo Denton at Winter Midwest Championships using Pro-Line Hole Shots


Jan. 15-18th 2015 Winter Midwest Championships in Jeffersonville, OH

3rd in Pro Buggy
3rd in Pro Truggy

10th Pro Buggy (DNF)
2nd Pro Truggy

Practice would show my cars and Tires were on point. Bouncing around different compounds I would decide on M3 Hole Shots.

In Buggy after 2 bobbles in qual 1 and qual 4 while in TQ position, I would have to settle on 3rd on the grid in a stacked field of drivers.

In Truggy, I would have radio setting issues in qual 1 and 2 so I made 3 and 4 count to put me 3rd on the grid for the Main.

For the Mains I didn’t change anything only fresh tires for both cars. Again M3 Hole Shots, also I would lower the front ride height 2mm in my Truggy to allow for the added traction.

Truggy was up first and I would battle with the 2nd place car back and forth until he would eventually be taken out by a turn marshal allowing me to hold onto a comfortable 2nd place. Although slightly gaining on the leader I was too far back to make up enough ground

Buggy would be a disaster. At the start I would avoid from running over 2nd qual Collin and not take him out, unfortunately the cars behind me didn’t see racing that way, I would get delivered at the start and go a lap down before even getting turn marshaled. I would battle and pass all the cars on the track only to break a right front spindle with 5-minutes to go.

Recap- for the first outing for 2015 I am still pretty pumped my cars were fast and easy to drive. I can’t wait for the next race when we travel south to SIC in Alabama.

– Mo Denton