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Josh Havens in 1st place at Hobbyplex on Pro-Line Hole Shots


This last weekend I ran the third round of the TLR/Serpent Winter Series at Hobbyplex in Omaha. Qualifying went pretty good. I was struggling a bit in Nitro Buggy with traction in the first round. The second round I was on a top five times when I got tangled with lapped traffic on the final lap. This put me at 10th out of 41 drivers and starting second in the B-Main. In the main I finished 3rd just missing the 2nd bump spot.

In Truggy I qualified 4th out of 20. Coming into the main I knew that pit stops were going to be crucial as pit lap times were equal to 2 laps due to the way that pit lane was setup so I made sure I had a good tune and drove consistent and conservative allowing me to pit at 10 and a half with most everyone else pitting at 8, or flaming out, going for 10 allowed me to take the top spot on the podium.

I ran 1 set of X3 Holeshots for both rounds of qualifying and the 30-minute Main on a grooved and very slick track and they still look like brand new. The X-compound still amazes me every time I run them! They perform very well with little wear!

– Josh Havens