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Jörn Neumann wins at DHI Cup using Pro-Line Performance Parts



The 2015 DHI-Cup was held in Odense, Denmark. It was already the 4th time that they ran on two separate tracks. One for Off-road and the other for On-road with the driver stand in the middle. The Off-road track was one of the best layouts so far. Friday started with 4 Rounds of practice for both classes. Followed by 2 Rounds of 2WD qualifying in the evening. I was able to finish 2nd in both Rounds.

For Saturday I made some adjustments to find more steering. The changes worked out and the car was much better, TQ’d Round 3. Round 4 was not so good with small mistakes. Which put me 2nd on the grid for the finals on Sunday.

4WD was great with everything working really well and I TQ’d all 4 Rounds of qualifying.

Sunday was main day.

First 2WD. An early mistake put me way back, but recovered to finish 3rd. A2 was able to take the win and still the chance for the overall win. A3 was a great battle with David the entire time. I finished 2nd which was also my overall position.


4WD was next. A1 starting good, but came together with another driver which put my car on the roof and lost many positions but I still finished 2nd. A2 and A3 was going good like in qualifying where I took the win and the overall DHI-Cup victory in 4WD. Great start to the 2015 season. Looking forward to the next races.


Pro-Line products used:

2735-02 Velocity 2.2″ Front wheels
2736-02 Velocity 2.2″ Rear wheels
6250-17 Trifecta wing
6077-00 Aluminum 12mm Rear Clamping Hex Adapters
6031-00 Pro-Line Tire Glue
6185-01 1:10 Closed Cell Rear Inserts

Jörn Neumann