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Mason Eppley Sets Outback Raceway Track Record using Pro-Line Electrons


This last Friday I raced at Outback Raceway in Chico, California for their annual Friday night fights club race. We ended up with over 70 entries, 11 heats of qualifying with 1 heat of 4WD Buggy and 2 full heats of Pro Stock Buggy. I got to the track a little later than I would have liked to, due the traffic on the way. This would be my first race out with my new 2015 Xray XB4 Buggy; I would also be racing my stock B5M. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any track time with any of my cars before racing had started, so I was a little nervous about how my cars would feel.

4WD Buggy was the first qualifier up for me, I was pretty shocked by how good the car felt being its first time on the track. I had a pretty good run with a few mistakes here and there but overall it wasn’t bad for my first time out with it, taking the TQ for the round. 2WD Pro Stock Buggy was next, After making a few setup changes to the roll center, the car was much easier to drive and the cornering speed was much better. I had a good run battling back and fourth for 1st but, unfortunately I made a mistake on the last lap costing me the 1st place settling for 2nd for the round. Going right into it round 2 started, and 4WD was up again. I was a little more used to the car and was able to put in another good run, very similar to my first round run taking the overall TQ. The last qualifier of the night was Pro Stock Buggy, I had a great run taking the TQ for the round but it still wasn’t fast enough for the overall, settling once again for 2nd on the grid.

4WD was up first, I made a few minor changes to the roll center and it paid off!

I pulled away from the pack on the first lap, I didn’t make one mistake or bobble the entire race lapping the entire field at the 2-minute mark, setting the track record and fast lap record.

I was most excited for 2WD, I knew I was improving every race and so was the car. I didn’t have the best start, making a mistake on the first lap putting me back to 8th. I put my head down and was able to find my way back to 3rd almost to 2nd but it was still a fantastic race and I will take it! 🙂

Overall it was a really fun night of racing with a lot of friends.

I was really happy with the handling of both of my cars with the help of Pro-Line Electron Tires!

I want to say a huge thanks to my sponsors, Tekno RC, Pro-Line Racing, Tekin, Airtronics, DE Racing, Red’s Airbrush Design, All Around RC, & Epic 1 Designs for all there help and support.

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Mason Eppley