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Lenard and Silvano Munoz at The Field of Dreams on Pro-Line Suburbs and IONs


January 9th, 10th, and 11th we attended the Field of Dreams Race held at Need 4 Speed R/C in Garden City, Kansas. Friday was designated for practice and we spent some time prepping Tires.

For 2WD we used Suburbs in the rear and Transistors up front, Short Course got the Suburbs treatment as well. Stadium Truck I ran IONs all around. We spent our time breaking in Tires and learning the track on Friday.

IMG_20150111_141433038 IMG_20150111_142857081


Saturday was qualifying with 4 rounds to compete for an A-Main spot. In Modified 2WD I had some tough luck in round 1 and 2. I kept my poise for round 3 and 4. I managed to place myself in the A-Main qualifying 9th. I ended up finishing 9th overall in the A-Main.

For stadium truck I ran IONs all the way around and it was dialed. Rounds 1,2 and 4 went real well and managed to qualify 2nd in the A-main. Eric Larsen and I battled very hard in the triple A-Main format. A1 Eric won, A2 I won which set us up for an A3 battle. We swapped positions multiple times and in the heat of all the action lap traffic swallowed him and I up with me getting the bad end of the deal with little time left. I managed to finish 2nd.

My son Silvano came with me and raced 17.5 2WD and 13.5 SC.

20150111_134005 20150111_103617

A number of occasions he told me “dad those Pro-Line Tires are way better than JC” I love how kids are so honest.

For 17.5 2WD he just couldn’t get into a rhythm and qualified 1st in the D-Main with a 4th place finish. I’ll tell you what, he made up for it in Short course.

He qualified 8th in the B-Main for 13.5 SC. Once the tone sounded he went on a mission. In 2 laps he went from 8th to 1st. For most of the race 2nd and 3rd were breathing down his neck! Silvano fell to 3rd at one point, he’s a big Tom Brady fan, I told him “you know why Tom is good? Because he doesn’t lose his focus” before he went to the driver’s stand I brought that up to him. Well he stayed focused and with 2-minutes left he put on a show for the crowd taking the lead with little time left passing the finish line with no time left for the others allowing him to take a victory lap. His first word getting the driver’s stand “that was a rush”.

Thank you Pro-Line for your support!

– Lenard Munoz