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Fanny Tsai at The Pro-Line Cup in Jhunan Town, Taiwan using Blockades

Pro-Line Cup was held on 1/4.


Ground: Caster Off-Road in Jhunan Town, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
Vehicle: 1:8 Off-Road (40 drivers) and 1:8 Truggy (7 drivers)
Designated Pro-Line Tires any materials or forms for 1:8 Off-Road cars.


1:8 Off Road TQ and Champion was Chen Sam, he used Pro-Line X3 Blockades.


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The original racing date was 12/28, postponed to 1/4 because of rain.
Some drivers didn’t attend this time due to New Year.

The next race will be on 4/12.

Thanks and best regards,
Fanny Tsai