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Wil Alameida at The Track’s “No Name Race” on Pro-Line Electrons

This past weekend on Jan 3 was the Opening Race for 2015 at The Track, in Gaithersburg, MD. With over 160 entries, the fierce competition was present in each and every single heat of qualifying, and at an all time high in all of the Mains. Mimi Wong, the track and hobby shop owner pulled out all the stops with getting the facility prepped, and ensuring that everything was top notch for the first race day of the New Year. Making a very good impression, and having her actions speak louder than words that “We are here to race.”

My son and I @ The Track, Gaithersburg, MD Tekno SCT410 - AE B5m - Pro-Line Pro-2 SC

The crowd was quickly welcomed by the local racers, and brought under wing to share the tips and tricks to quick and consistent lap times. The house was also filled with Team Pro-Line Drivers Deon “D” Gray, Enzo Albertoni,. This being one of my very own home tracks made it that much more enjoyable to meet new faces, and for them to hang out with my son Dominic. (Daddy’s Crew Chief)

I decided to run 3 classes, and those being 4WD Mod SCT, 2WD Mod Buggy, and of course the 2WD SCT with the PRO-2 SC truck. All of my vehicles were outfitted with M4 Super Soft tires, with either Electron SC or ION SC‘s on all four corners. The track surface was a very smooth dirt/clay combination, and being winter season, the track surface was around 65°F. This would fall right in line with the Pro-Line Recommended Tire Compound Chart.

Overall the day was great, and with some tuning tips from my fellow racers, I managed to get into the C-Main with the 2WD Mod Buggy, and got a great start, and lead 10 out of the 16 laps, but had a bobble, and fell to 3rd, but managed to get back to 2nd. All in all with the 2WD Buggy, that was my best run with a 5-min clock. So, good day with Buggy. 🙂

Now, with 2WD SCT, that was a different story. I couldn’t seem to get anything right all day, and during a couple of the hot laps, I managed to catch a pipe, and bent the castor block on the PRO-2. (Upgrade time!) But, that still didn’t stop me from tweaking it back, and still racing. I managed to make it to the A-Main, but with the bent castor block I all of a sudden wasn’t getting full throw with the steering, so I was having to whip the back-end around to make turns, and that is no way to win a race. So, it was just having a good time, and making sure to steer clear of the racers passing me. Even though I didn’t have the best success that day, you can see in the pictures below, that I was pulling the front wheels up.

With the M4 Electrons, Traction was definitely a non-issue.

4WD Mod SCT was a completely different animal. It seemed that as the day progressed, the better I got in the 4WD scene. I qualified 6th, and during the Main I was able to get my head on straight, and just run consistent laps. I worked my way all the way up to 2nd, but was passed by a better driver. So, not a single complaint there.

The M4 ION SC’s were beyond reproach.

All in all, had a great day, and of course having my son near is always a huge plus, and the hunny and I are truly blessed to have him, and having her support is what makes this all possible.

The vehicles have the following accessories:

Team Associated B5M

Tekno SCT410

Pro-Line PRO-2 SC

Pro-Line Pro-2 SC
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC
No Name Race @ The Track, Gaithersburg, MD All Drivers
No Name Race @ The Track, Gaithersburg, MD
All Drivers
Tekno SCT410 - Outfitted with Pro-Line Gear
Tekno SCT410 – Outfitted with Pro-Line Gear

Wil Alameida