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Devin Chesney Recovers at the Hangover Race on Pro-Line Suburbs and Hole Shots

Event: Hangover Race
Track: NEORCRC (Ohio)
Race Setup: 2 heats with single 7-minute A-Mains

Classes Raced:
4×4 SCTPro-Line M4 Suburbs 2.0
1:8 E-BuggyPro-Line M4 Hole Shots 2.0s


Round 1
(4×4 SCT) My truck felt very well through practice earlier on in the day, as I went over it and scouted the track a little longer I felt good about going out for my first Qual. As it started, I found a few places on the track that I could just fly through that I didn’t find in practice making my times drop even farther! After winning my race I marshaled the next race and sat down to watch the rest of heats of 4×4 SCT and finding out that nobody beat my time and I ended up setting TQ.

(1:8 E-Buggy) Same as my 4×4 SCT my Buggy felt very good throughout practice. I went out and ran an awesome run and by the end of the round I found that my time early on the heat was faster by a whole lap but stopped counting for a few laps. I asked the owner and he said I was hitting a jump conner so fast that I was jumping over the loop! Even though that happened my time was good enough to put me in 2nd place overall!

Round 2
(4×4 SCT) My goal for this round with my truck was to have a smooth run without wrecking. As the race started I noticed I was running a new TQ run as well as 3 other people so I started pushing harder! By the end I found myself dropping to 2nd place.

(1:8 E-Buggy) Same as my SCT again my goal was to run smooth and hopefully I won’t have to push and risk my 2nd place spot. Just like I wanted to, I ran smooth and held 2nd place for the Main!

The Mains:
(4×4 SCT) right as the race started me and 1st place pulled away from the rest of the pack and started to work up a good battle. As we went on he had a little more speed in certain sections than me so I held my position for the rest of the race in 2nd.

(1:8 E-Buggy) starting second with some fresh tires I felt confident starting the main as me and 1st and 3rd places flew away from the pack and were running very close. About 3-minutes into the race I clipped the pipe throwing me back to 3rd and the next lap it happened again to put me into 4th. So I slowed down to take a breath and calm down and I lost 2 more spots putting me in 6th. By the time I started picking up the pace again I ran out of time crossing the line right behind 5th place.


4×4 SCT – Tekno SCT410, Pro-Line M4 Suburbs 2.0, Venom Battery, Carpy’s decals, and RCSCREWZ bearings and screws.

1:8 E-Buggy – Tekno EB48.2Pro-Line M4 Holeshots 2.0s, Venom battery, Carpys decals and RCSCREWZ bearings and screws.

Thanks to all my sponsors for the continued support in allowing me to travel to these events and tracks and leaning new surfaces and new people. It’s an awesome opportunity!

Devin Chesney

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