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Collin Weatherholt gets 4 in a row with Pro-Line Electrons


On December 28, I was able to race at JCP-RC for their New Year’s Eve Nitro Cash Race. I raced E-Buggy and Nitro Buggy.

In E-Buggy I was able to take the TQ and the win by a lap in the 10-minute final. The Nitro class was a bit of a different story, as I was battling with cousin and JQ driver Derek Weatherholt. He got the TQ honors over me, and I was starting second in the main. We were having a great battle until his engine died coming out of the pits on his final stop. My TLR cars were perfect throughout the day on Pro-Line MC Electrons with my TritonRC Picco engine screaming down the straights.

The Top 3 cars had MC Electrons on in the Nitro-Main, with half tread or more left!


On January 3, we decided to go pack up and race at Leisure Hours Raceway in Chicagoland, IL for their 2015 Indoor Nitro Challenge.

I ran my E-Buggy and my Nitro Buggy. I had a little more of a challenge in E-Buggy this weekend against some of the locals, and wasn’t able to TQ, just missing it by about 2-seconds. But, I figured my car out in the practice before the Mains started, and was ready to hit the track for the A-Main. When the sound of the tone went off, I made a defensive block move in the first corner, and had to evade the almost wrecking leader in front of me. As I got out of the way of hitting him, 3rd place went by and wrecked into the leader, giving me the lead on the very first lap, and I never looked back. In Nitro-Buggy, cousin Derek Weatherholt set an early TQ pace on the sticky track conditions. I got my car feeling better all throughout the day, but the track was slower and harder to reach the TQ pace.

By the Mains, I was confident that my Nitro Buggy was the fastest on the track, and that it was up to me to get it done in the final. I had a great start, until I made a silly mistake and let Derek catch up to me and we then had a great battle until his car broke. I won the A-Main by almost 3-laps. Once again, my TLR 8ight Buggies were hooked up with my Pro-Line Electrons and my TritonRC Picco engine was putting the power down on the back straightaway.

I want to say thank you to ALL of my sponsors for all of their support into the new year: TLR, Horizon Hobby, Spektrum, Pro-Line, TritonRC, 92zero Designs, Dynamite, Infamous Designs by Stephen Wilson, Hot Headz, and RC Addiction Products.

-Collin Weatherholt