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Devin Chesney Bumps and Jumps Into First Place Using Pro-Line Suburbs


Date: 12/28/14
Track: Bumps and Jumps RC
Event: Points Race and Race for Champagne
Race Setup: 2 rounds of heats and single A-Mains

Classes Raced:
4×4 SCT – Pro-Line MC Suburbs 2.0
4×4 Buggy – Pro-Line MC IONs

All my Pro-Line Tires had super good side bite! Like I mean I could go around the long sweeper full throttle with both vehicles!

Round 1:
(4×4 SCT) The first round started off fairly well by not crashing at all but choosing the wrong tires so it was somewhat slick exiting corners when I was getting on the throttle. But I still came out on top just over a lap ahead of second places pace.

(4×4 Buggy) I knew this car was very good set-up wise I just had to drive the best I could against some of the faster drivers in this event. I wanted to use the first round smart and set a consistant pace to see where I was against everybody else and to find out how hard I would have to push to keep up. By the end of the race I realized how good the Buggy was flowing and I came out in 2nd place only .3 of a second off of 1st.

Round 2:
(4×4 SCT) this round in this class one of the fast local drivers showed up and decided to run, I went out with the same idea to run steady and smooth as I came onto a lapped driver before a big middle jump I came up short trying to avoid him and went on my lid while was only a few seconds behind… and before the marshal saw me he snuck by and I ended up losing TQ and dropping to second…

(4×4 Buggy) this round with my buggy didn’t go as well as the first one as I clipped a few pipes early on and that dropped my pace lower than the first run putting me a spot into 3rd for the Main.

The Mains:
(4×4 SCT) starting second and knowing that I was faster I wanted to make a clean pass on first if I got the chance early on. A few corners in the car in first pushed very wide across the long sweeper on the right side of the track I put the Tekno truck into high hear and pushed hard to the inside making the pass and ending up leading and just about lapping the field in 1st place!

(4×4 Buggy) my goal for this race was to finish top 3 from starting 3rd and just happened. I jumped into 2nd in the first turn! I started to battle with 1st place for a minute or two until I saw he was pulling away and I was well ahead of 3rd so I decided to run smooth and I ended up placing 2nd overall.

I ended up winning 4×4 SCT so I got to get a bottle of champagne which was funny because I am only 18!
BUT! The owner Chris gave me some with no alcohol, if you were wondering!!! Haha.

Bumps and Jumps Points Standings:
4×4 SCT – 1st place ahead by 2 points
4×4 Buggy – 4th place

Tekno SCT410, Pro-Line MC Suburbs 2.0, Venom batteries, Carpys decals, PT Racing Oils, and RCSCREWZ bearings and screws.

Schumacher CAT SX3, Pro-Line MC IONs, Venom batteries, Carpys decals, PT Racing Oils, and RCSCREWZ bearings and screws.

Thank you Tekno RC, Pro-Line Racing, Venom / Atomik, PT Racing Oils, Carpys, and RCSCREWZ for all the help!

Devin Chesney