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Carter Flotron Gives us a peek at MST RC Club

MSTRC Track Panoramic

We at the Missouri University of Science & Technology RC Club have made it through our first semester and made lots of progress on the professionalism of the club. We took a few photos each weekly meeting and we feel as though these few represented the work that got done very well! Unfortunately, our club was a little slowed down by the lack of communication of the school system but we are very well set for next semester!

IMG_3354 IMG_3335 Soldering HW ESCs

As you can see, our track has come along nicely considering the area and tools were had access to. For a couple busy college kids, its pretty well done! There will be many improvements in the future, but for now we were able to give our less experienced members a taste of the racing side of rc. A drivers stand will be added soon, as will a fence and watering system!

In addition, we were able to have a small soldering course for those of the members who weren’t as versed with the art. Upon receiving the power systems for our club vehicles (So generousness provided by our friends over at Hobbywing), we had these members try their hand at soldering a couple joints each with the assistance of the one of the club leaders. To secure these ESCs, the club also took on the project of using modeling software to design a holder for them. We used our schools 3D printers to produce the parts, which was a great lesson in modeling and how to accommodate the parts dimensions to make up for the shrinking of the printed plastic.


We look forward to being able to use our Pro-Line Gear next semester, as well as teaching a couple ‘classes’ on tire selection, tire gluing, and overall maintenance. The rest of the school year will be filled with great projects like this as well to make use of the great resources available at our school.

Thank you Pro-Line for the tremendous support of our club and its members!

Carter Flotron

MST RC Club member, Pro-Line Team Driver