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Pro-Line Racing PRO-MT to PRO-ST Stadium Truck Conversion!





The latest installment of the PRO-2 series of kits from Pro-Line Racing brings fourth a shorter wheel base platform ushering a new waive of custom builds. So many times I hear “I wish they would bring back the Stadium Truck Class”. Truth be told, you and I are “They”.  What we bring to the track determines what “They” run.  If we want the Stadium Truck class back then we need to bring them to the tracks and run them. With the 11.2” (284mm) wheel base on the PRO-MT, the first thing that popped into my mind was a Stadium Truck conversion. Stadium Truck racing goes all the way back to the 80’s and can be argued as the starting point for all forms of RC truck racing as we know it today. It is where I got my start many years ago and I still hold a passion for these fine racing machines. With the growing resurgence of interest in the Stadium Truck class recently, it’s time take a look at what can be done to create one from the PRO-MT kit. So let’s build us a PRO-ST Stadium Truck Conversion!


Right out of the box, you have a great starting point, and you know the PRO-ST can be run competitively since it is based on the PRO-2 SC platform. To get the PRO-MT kit converted into a PRO-ST Stadium Truck, I first selected our 3397-00 BullDog body for the T4.2. It is not an exact fit but it is close enough to get the job done. Next you will need a set of 4x 7852 wheels from the Team Associated T4.2 Truck. These are 12mm hex wheels which allow for easy mounting of any of our current 2.2” Stadium Truck tires. For tires, I choose a set of our 8205-17 Suburbs T 2.2” MC compound tires. These work great on Clay tracks and have excellent cornering and grip for these types of surfaces. Finally, you’ll need the rear body mount from the PRO-2 Buggy Kit. This part can be found on parts tree number 6254-02. The hardware is included making installation a breeze.

Fitting the body to the chassis, you will need a longer M4 x 16mm button head screw to extend the Center Rear body mount stud. Fabrication of a 4mm thick spacer washer is also required to keep the body off the rear shock tower. Screw the M4x 15mm button head screw into the rear mount then cut the head of with a Dremel motor tool or a saw that will give you a clean cut as to not mess up the threads of the stud.


Finishing up the chassis, I cut down the side pod extensions to make them look more like those included in the PRO-2 SC kit and to save weight. Use Blue tape to mark a cutting line about 11mm from the bottom edge. You can sand and then wet sand the cutting surface for a more finished / factory look.


For the rear bumper, I removed the stock PRO-MT bumper as it will not be required. Note; In removing this bumper, you will need to use the shorter M4 x 10 FHCS screws to avoid any damage to the transmission case the longer PRO-MT bolts may cause from eliminating the stock bumper. These shorter M4 x 10 FHCS Screws are normally found in the PRO-2 SC and SB kit versions.

If you want to build a motor guard, you can use the upper brace link from the stock PRO-MT Bumper and the Motor guard from the 6092-01 Transmission Plastic replacement parts bag. You’ll need to create a 12mm spacer for the upper part of the bumper guard and you can re-use the longer M3 hardware left over from the stock bumper, just cut to length the excess from the longer screws.


This is the basics of the conversion and will get you up and running on the Stadium Truck scene.  It is a cool / easy conversion that won’t take much time to get you up and running.



PRO-ST Conversion Using the PRO-MT Kit

4003-00 PRO-MT KIT

3397-00 BullDog Body

8205-17 Suburbs Tires

6092-01 Transmission Plastic parts bag (Rear Motor Guard)

6254-02 SC Buggy Parts bag (Rear Body Mount)

7852 Team Associated 2.2” T4.2 12mm Hex Truck Wheels

PRO-ST Conversion Using existing PRO-2 Short Course Kit

4001-00 PRO-2 Short Course Truck Kit

6262-00 PRO-MT Aluminum Performance Chassis

6262-01 PRO-MT Chassis Side Pod Plastics (Trim as required)

3397-00 BullBog Body

8205-17 Suburbs Tires

6092-01 Transmission Plastic parts bag (Rear Motor Guard)

6254-02 PRO-2 Buggy Parts bag (Rear Body Mount)

7852 Team Associated 2.2” T4.2 12mm Hex Truck Wheels

PRO-ST R-Spec Upgrades

In taking the truck further to what I would call the R-Spec version, you will want to consider these upgrades. Theses additional parts will further reduce the weight of the truck and add additional performance with improving handling as well as durability.


6067-01 PRO-2 Aluminum Steering Rack


6062-05 Pro-Trac Suspension Rear Hub Carriers

(Must use with 6099-00 Pro-Trac Axle Kit)

6099-00 PRO-2 Pro-Trac Axle Kit

(Must use with 6062-05 Rear Hub Carriers)


6092-17 MIP Super Ball Diff Kit

Carbon Fiber Upgrades

6109-00 PRO-2 Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower Brace

6109-01 PRO-2 Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower Brace

6109-02 PRO-2 Carbon Fiber Transponder Mount


6308-30 Pro-Spec Front Shocks (Pre-Assembled)

6308-31 Pro-Spec Rear Shocks (Pre-Assembled)




I hope you enjoyed this article and share the passion that Stadium trucks bring to our RC heritage. Want us to produce a Stadium Truck based kit? Drop us a line and let us know. The more positive feedback we get, the more likely it is to become a reality.


Special Thanks to Rugspin Graphix for laying down some awesome paint!