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Race Report: Champagne Race @ Bumps & Jumps by Shaun Duffy

December 28th I raced in the annual Champagne Race at Bumps & Jumps RC Speedway & Hobbies. I ran my Proline PRO-2 in the 2wd MOD SCT class and new TLR 22-4 in 4wd MOD Buggy. The track was extremely high traction and smooth.


I ran Electron MCs on front and rear of both my PRO-2 and 22-4. After quite a few bobbles and fighting traction rolls from all the new found traction I managed at qualify 7th in the A-Main with the PRO-2. During the second qualifier I managed to finally break the 2nd part of my PRO-2 after over 6 months of racing every weekend. The servo horn finally gave up on me on the last lap of what would have been a TQ run. After a rocky start in the A-main I was put in last place and was only able to gain one position before the end so I came out in 9th place.


This was the first time I had my 22-4 fully operational so I never got any practice time with it. I ran Electron VTR MCs on my buggy. I made it through the first qualifier without indent however slowly. The second qualifier I broke an A-arm in the first lap so that put me in 7th in the B-Main. Another rocky start put me in last to start the race and I ended up finishing in 7th and missing the bump up spot to the A-main.


Not the best day for me overall. I found that switching back and forth between 2wd SCT and 4wd Buggy is very difficult and it took a few laps to mentally make the switch. More practice is certainly required.

The PROo-2 truck seems to be very hooked up just too many driver errors. The Electron MCs were certainly the tire of choice and I see more and more racers moving to it.

Thanks again to my sponsors Pro-Line Racing, Viper R/C Solutions, Xpert RC USA, and Boca Bearing Company for your continued support.