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Mason Eppley Strikes First at Rattlesnake Raceway using Pro-Line Tires

Mason Eppley Race Report
Rattlesnake Raceway Club Race 12-26-14

This past weekend I raced a local club race at my local home track, Rattlesnake Raceway. I decided to run my Tekno NT48 Nitro Truggy and my NB48 Nitro Buggy.
I got there early Saturday morning around 7am to help get the track in a good enough condition to race on. This past month we had a few pretty bad storms hit, so the track was in pretty bad shape. After a few hours of grooming, the track was ready to be ran in. After a few tanks of fuel through both the Buggy and Truggy I was ready for qualifying. Unfortunately, at this particular race, “the day after Christmas” there were not very many entries, only around 40 or so. In the first round of qualifying, Buggy was first, due to the track conditions it was very hard to put down a good run but luckily I took it slow and easy and took the round TQ by five tenths of a second. Next was nitro truggy, the NT48 felt the best it has so far. I put down some of the fastest laps of the day with a fairly clean run and took the TQ by over a lap.

After a 10-minute break, round 2 started. I was able to put in another good run together in Nitro Buggy and took the overall TQ heading into the 20-minute Main event. As for Truggy I put in another good run also, not as fast as round 1 but I was still able to secure the TQ.

The mains were now up, Truggy was first for me. I had a good start for the main in Truck allowing me to stretch out my lead on the field. Also with the help of fuel strategy I was able to only pit once in the 20-minute main. I was able to keep a clean race, and took the win for the Nitro Truggy class. As for Buggy I didn’t have such a great start, on the first double I cased the landing and that put me back into third. After a few strong laps I was contending with the lead again, 1st place and I battled for the entire 20-minutes back and forth. At one point very late in the race I made a few bad mistakes in a row and was almost a lap down. But fortunately he made a few mistakes also and made for a very exciting ending with me almost making the pass for the lead on the last lap but I couldn’t make it happen, taking second, just 1-second behind 1st.

Overall it was a really fun weekend, I would really like to thank my sponsors for all their help and support: Tekno RC, Pro-Line Racing, Team Orion, Airtronics, DE Racing, Tekin, Red’s Airbrush Design, All Around RC and Epic 1 Designs.

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-Mason Eppley