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Pro-Line Driver Thomas Hyser Race Report

Truck Winner 12.28.14

I race 10-12 times per month. I’ve been racing at the The Barn in Canaan, NH. I’ve done very well in 2wd SC 1st or top 3 nearly every Sunday the past 3 months. I also started racing 2wd Open buggy and have done just as good with that class

I plan on attending Sunday club racing at The Barn RC raceway in Canaan, NH. as well as Maximus Raceway in York, Main for the Ford Main State Champs on Sunday, Feb 08.

I’ve gotten a lot of people racing on Blockade M4 Tires at my track. The surface is hard packed, variable and stays pretty moist.

I’ve seen more and more people asking about my truck. I’ve seen several buy kits too.

The owner of the track wants to run a Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck now. 

Blockade M4’s have become the Tire to run at our track.

I have had more wins in 2WD SC with Blockades than any other tire.

I’ve also had people tell me they love the new Pro-Line Monster Truck.

2wd SC Open 1st 12.28.14

Thomas Hyser