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Patrick Hofer wins Islikon Masters RD2 using Pro-Line PinPoints and Wedge Squared


Patrick Hofer dominated 2WD class and Michele Buschor on podium 4WD at the 2nd round of Islikon Masters Race December 7, 2014

88 drivers came to the 2nd round of the Islikon Master Race in Switzerland. Patrick and Michel used the new Reedy Blackbox Speed Controller in their Team Associated B5M.

In 2WD class Patrick won all qualification rounds and won the race followed by Fabian Luca Widmer and Sven Zuend.
In 4WD class HRC/Team Associated driver Michel Buschor placed his B44.3 on a great 2nd place behind Patrick Vogt and Sven Zuend on 3rd.

Patrick Hofer:  “The Reedy Blackbox is the most powerful and constant ESC combo I ever used. Easy to drive and incredible power and speed. I also was surprised about the low operation temperature. The setting mode to adjust the high and low speed sensitivity is a great advantage!”.

Pro-Line Equipment Used:
#3429-17 Pro-Line B5M Phantom Body
#3425-17 Pro-Line B44.3 Phantom Body
#6250-17 Pro-Line Trifecta Wing
#6076-00 Aluminum 12mm Front Clamping Hex Adapters
#6077-00 Aluminum 12mm Rear Clamping Hex Adapters
#6185-01 1:10 Closed Cell Foam Rear Inserts
#8229-103 Front and #8228-103 Rear Pro-Line Pinpoint Tires
#8230-103 Pro-Line Wedge Squared Front Tires


1.) Patrick Hofer / Team Associated / REEDY / Pro-Line / HRC / AVID RC / Sanwa /
2.) Fabian Luca Widmer / Yokomo Swiss / MuchMore /
3.) Sven Zünd / Schumacher

4WD :
1.) Patrick Vogt / Durango Swiss Team / Orion /
2.) Michel Buschor / Team Associated HRC / REEDY / Pro-Line / HRC
3.) Sven Zünd / Schumacher

Black Box Islikon 2014-12-18