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Big Squid RC: Pro-Line PRO-MT is 2014 Bash Vehicle of the year!


A HUGE Congratulations to PRO-LINE Racing crew as we have picked the PRO-LINE PRO-MT as the 2014 BASH VEHICLE OF THE YEAR! We did more vehicle reviews in 2014 than ever before, and there were a handful of standouts that we narrowed down as possible winners. This decision was a tough one because this is the first vehicle to win this award that wasn’t a RTR.

This award is voted on by the members of the Big Squid RC staff, which means the PRO-MT was special to a lot of people. We get to drive a lot of vehicles around here, the top of the line from every manufacturer, and the PRO-MT was the favorite go-to vehicle whenever we were going to bash. Because it’s a kit, we were able to put in what we felt were the perfect electronics, and set it up to be the ultimate basher. While our readers get to make their voices heard during our March Bashness event every year, this award is the one time where we all get to sit down, make our arguments for what we truly feel is deserving of such a prestigious award. It’s not for the best race vehicle, or cheapest, or fastest, but for THE BEST vehicle to take bashing.

Bash after bash, the Pro-Line PRO-MT would survive the brutal beat downs we would dish out, while other vehicles were going home in pieces. You can read our full review Right Here if you are looking for all the details.

We wanted to mention some of the runners up as it was a tough decision to get to the best of the best. In no particular order:

Losi Mini 8IGHT-T Truggy (Review Here)
Durango DEX408v2 1/8 Buggy (Review Here)
Axial Racing YETI (Review Here)

So if one of those vehicles catches your eye a little more, you won’t be disappointed with any of them. They were all at the top of the list, but the PRO-MT was king.

Congratulations again to the whole PRO-LINE Racing Crew. We know those guys worked hard on this project, and they delivered! Now go out and celebrate the New Year like you own it!

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