Factory Team

Derek Sousa tests Pro-Line IONs and Electrons at AMS Raceway


This past weekend I went up to do some testing with some new Pro-Line products mostly for 1:8 Nitro Buggy.  However, there was a race Friday night for 1:10 so I brought the Hot Bodies D413 equipped with Pro-Line IONs front to back.

In Qualifying I was able to take 3rd overall but took time to adapt as it was my first race with the car on clay dirt.

In the Main I struggled a bit but ended up with a 6th.

The following day I did a bit more testing with setup and my dad Tony Sousa along with my brother Mark Sousa got me dialed in with the Pro-Line IONs and my car was awesome along with being able to improve lap times with compared to the day before going from a 22.4 to a 21.2 lap.

In other terms I ended up trying the new Pro-Line Electrons on my Nitro Buggy and found they were strong in terms of front grip and on power steering.

With the wear of the Tire, I found it real good and more consistent than the ION but on a typical race day IONs might be a faster Tire, but the Electrons are more consistent throughout A-Main perhaps.

Thanks for reading, ’til next time,

Derek Sousa