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Pro-Line has all the Right Ingredients to help turn your Short Course Left Over’s into Main course of SC Bashing!



The 2WD TRAXXAS Slash has been around for almost 6 years now and if  your like me, you have accumulated a decent pile of take-off parts through numerous upgrades and modifications.  In most cases, you can easily turn this pile into a secondary “Basher Truck” with a little help form P-L! With the countless upgrade parts available through Pro-Line Racing, you can make a decent truck on just about any budget, big or small.


The original HCG Slash chassis (Which most swap of an LCG chassis) is a great bashing platform with good ground clearance. The good news is that most of the P-L Pro-Trac suspension and performance parts components are compatible with it. Over 120+ SC Performance Parts (Not counting SC Wheels or Tires) are available for this chassis at P-L.com. From these components, you can build you a secondary Back Yard Basher from your spare / left over components. You can stay with the stock suspension arms and add the 6101-00  Pro-2 Front hub kit and the 6062-05 Pro Trac Rear Hub carriers or add the complete 6062-00 ProTrac Suspension kit to the original stock chassis.  The choices are endless and you can build a truck that is uniquely yours!



There are even new heavy duty suspension components from the New PRO-MT which interchange with most all Slash or ProTrac suspension components. Parts like the 6262-05  PRO-MT Rear Hub Carrier Kit or the 6264-00 HD aluminum Rear Hub carriers (Must use with the 6262-06  HD Spline axle kit with both) or the 6255-00 Aluminum Caster Blocks.



This is just a small starting point from our wide selection of parts so be sure to get on-line today at P-L.com and check out everything we have to offer. Also check out our wide variety of Short Course Wheels and Tires.


Pro-Line Racing has everything you need to build your own Short Course basher truck from your spare parts / left over pile of SC parts on any budget that is uniquely yours!