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Luke Richards on the podium at CRCRC WRL using Pro-Line Electrons


This past weekend I attended the 3rd round of the CRCRC WRL Race Series hosted by Sparks Park Raceway in Columbus, Ohio. I ran the three mod classes of 2WD SCT, 4WD Buggy and 2WD Buggy. There were 191 entries and the race format was 3 rounds of rocket round qualifying with 17-min A-Mains.

In qualifying I got a slow start missing the first rounds of 2WD Buggy and 2WD SCT because I took the ACT that morning.


I did make the first round of 4WD which was my best run putting me 6th overall.

The second round of Buggy I put my RB6 on MC Electrons 2nd on the grid and was not able to better my time in the third round.

SCT went pretty good in round 2 with a time to put me 3rd. In round three I was able to take my SC6 on MC Electrons to the TQ spot.

In 4WD I started 6th ready to improve my position but on the first corner I got shuffled to the back and had to play catch up. Through out the race I got caught up in multiple wrecks, but I was able to get back to 5th.

SCT started off good, my SC6 was good and I felt comfortable. I lead for the first 5-minutes with JP Richards close in tow. Unfortunately, as I was going down the straightaway my drive train gave out and my race was done.


In 2WD I started 2nd behind TQ JP Richards. On the first lap JP made a mistake and I was able to move up to the lead. I lead for the next 1.5-minutes but I made a mistake and JP took over the lead. I was not able to catch him so I finished 2nd overall.

4WD top five:
1. JP Richards: TLR 22-4
2. Nathan Clark: AE B44.3
3. Brandon Marsh: B44.3
4. Dustin Richards: AE B44.2
5. Luke Richards: Kyosho ZX6

2wd top 5:
1. JP Richards: TLR 22 2.0
2. Luke Richards: Kyosho RB6
3. Scott Heckert: TLR 22 2.0
4. Dustin Richards: TLR 22 2.0
5. Brandon Marsh: AE B5

Thanks Pro-Line, for the continuous support,
Luke Richards