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Alex Treber is explosive at TNT using Pro-Line IONs and Electrons


This past weekend I attended the 5th Annual Operation Santa Claus race at TNT Speedway in Shreveport, LA. This was a Toys For Tots race collecting toy donations for local kids in need. The local news and two local police officers arrived in the afternoon to accept the toys and do a small news piece. This was a one-day race that took place on Saturday December 13th. Team driver Aaron Royston was also in attendance.

I arrived at 8am after a three hour driver from Dallas. This was my first time to this track, and the dirt was pure clay, which I’m not very used to running on. I was able to get a few battery packs for my 2WD Buggy and my Stadium Truck. Both cars were good in practice and only needed minor changes. I started on M4 IONs (Buggy/Truck) on both cars.
After two rounds of qualifying, I was starting 2nd in Buggy and 3rd in Truck. Following would be a double A-Main and full field of cars. Both A-Main races were very tight and traffic made passing difficult. In the end I finished 2nd overall in truck and 3rd overall in Buggy.

For the Mains, my XFactory X6 Cubed Buggy was equipped with M4 VTR Electrons which were glued to the track as always.

My XFactory X60CF truck was equipped with M4 Suburbs for the main. Both cars were powered by Speed Passion ESCs, Avid RC accessories, and Fantom Racing motors and batteries.

12 13 2014 TNT Buggy Final 12 13 2014 TNT ST Final

Tekno/Pro-Line team driver Aaron Royston finished 1st in both his 2WD Short Course and 4WD Short Course Mains.

Thank you.
– Alex