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Toys for Tots X


Steve Burgess from Rugspin Graphix’s started Toys For Tots in the Inland Empire with one goal, to give back to the community and help less fortunate children.

December 6th marked the 10 year anniversary of this event that was held at Palm Desert Raceway. With close to 130 entries there was no shortage of gifts and money raised to support this great cause.

Toys For Tots X also marked the first year that Marines from the 29 Palms base would race in the event with donated Pro-Line PRO-2 buggy kits. This year only one Marine was able to attend, however we were lucky enough to have his wife and two active duty Navy officers on hand to fill in for the race. At the end of the event Pro-Line donated a PRO-2 Buggy with all equipment to the Marine in honor of his service. Special thanks as well to the two Navy officers who participated and for your service.

Special thanks to: Steve Burgess for the custom paint on the PRO-2 kits, Novak electronics for donating the Speed controls and motors, Airtronics for their support of the servos and radios. All past and present soldiers that serve and protect us  so we can enjoy our hobby.

IMG_8025-Smarine toys