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Mason Eppley goes Outback using Pro-Line Electrons


This past weekend I participated in the annual Turkey Race at A-Main’s Outback Raceway. This was a one day event and consisted of around 150 entries. I showed up Friday afternoon to get some practice in and try a few new setups. I decided to run 3 classes at this race, 1:8 E-Buggy, 4WD Mod Buggy, and Mod 2WD SCT.

Overall they all felt great and I was ready for Saturday to come. My Short Course was my first race up on Saturday morning, I was able to put in a okay run in and was 4th overall for the round. 4WD Mod was next, at the previous race I suffered major breaking problems but I felt I had solved the issue. The Buggy felt the best it has ever been, I also ended up 4th for the the round. The last race for round one was my Tekno EB48.2 E-Buggy, the run started off good but towards the end of the race I started to suffer nose diving issues and traction rolling. After the run I was 3rd overall, but I felt I could take the TQ if I could sort out my problems.

After a break between the rounds and some minor setup changes, I was ready for round 2 of IFMAR qualifying. Once again Short Course was first for me, I had another good run with only 2 or 3 mistakes securing me 4th on the grid for the Main. Next was my 4WD, I had once again a great run with some of the fastest times of the day so far. Unfortunately I made one bad mistake finishing with a 3rd for the round putting me 4th on the grid for the main event. For the last qualifier of the round with E-Buggy, I put in a great run taking the TQ for the round but with the qual. points system I was 2nd overall heading into the mains.

After about a 45-minute break the lower Mains started. My Short Course Main was up; I started 4th on the grid and felt great. I had a good start and was catching the leader as I was in second. Unfortunately, my Truck for some reason began to parachute in the air on almost every jump causing me to crash a lot towards the end of the race putting me back to 4th and finishing in 4th.

4WD Buggy was up next for me, I was really looking forward to this race as I had the pace to possibly podium. I got into 2nd place on the third lap and held it for a few more but after landing a jump my rear axle snapped in half ending my chances.

The last race of the day and for me was the E-buggy class. During warm up my car felt great! First place and I were battling back and forth for the first place spot, a little over halfway through the race one of the front cap head screws that held my shock on came out making the car very hard to drive. I finished the race but I ended up in the 3rd spot.

Overall it was yet another fun day of racing at Outback Raceway. Once again I didn’t have the best of luck but I learned a lot of things.

All of the Pro-Line Electron Tires were hooked up and definitely the tire of choice for everyone.

I want to say a huge thanks to my sponsors, I wouldn’t be where I am now without you guys. Tekno RC, Pro-Line Racing, Airtronics, Byrons Race Fuels, DE Racing, All Around RC, and Reds Airbrush Design

Mason Eppley