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Dakotah Phend Devours the Drumstick Race using Pro-Line Electrons


Attended the Drumstick Race on Saturday, November 29th at the RC Clubhouse in Warren, Michigan.

This was my first trip to the RC Clubhouse and it is a very nice facility. There was an impressive 278 entries for the race.

I decided to run 4WD Buggy with my 22-4 with an Orion VST2 5.5T and Pro 4 with my SCTE 2.0 with an Orion VST2 3.5T.

I TQ’d and won both Mains with Pro-Line MC Electrons (4WD Buggy and Pro 4)with closed cell inserts on both vehicles. I was also the only car to go 16 laps with both classes.


Dakotah Phend