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Devin Chesney Gobbles up the SC competition using Pro-Line IONs

Date: 11/23/14
Event: Turkey Race
Track: Bumps and Jumps RC Raceway
Race Setup: 2 rounds of qualifying and single 7-minute A-Main


Classes Raced:
4×4 Short Course
4×4 Buggy

4×4 Short Course –
(Round 1) after a few hours of practice I knew this class had some competition between me, teammate Bobby Stroud and local Justin Bortz. So I knew to do well I had to be on my A Game. Being that I signed up late I was called last to start. I started to work my way up through the pack pretty fast till I found myself in 1st and behind me were Justin and Bobby. I held a solid and smooth run with my SCT410 setting the TQ.
(Round 2) with TQ being set and a little talk with Bobby on setup, I went out knowing that people made changes to try and overtake my current TQ. After the heat I became aware that not only me but everyone had their fair share of bobbles and didn’t get my old TQ so I would be starting 1st in the A-Main.

4×4 Buggy –
(Round 1) this was the 2nd largest class of the day slightly behind 2WD Mod Buggy and I knew that it would be difficult to do very well. I started my round 1 heat off strong falling into a very good and new line through a shicain section of the layout and placing me in 4th overall with this class!
(Round 2) I was already satisfied with my 4th overall place from round 1 but I wanted to improve a little to make top 3 in both classes for the mains. Despite some bad luck in the beginning with some drivers ahead of me getting together along with Me nobody could get a good run in just like the 4×4 SCT heat 2. So we all held the same positions for the A-Main.

The Mains:
4×4 Short Course –
After going over my truck and doing a little maintenance I felt good about this race and was ready to bring home a turkey! And I did just that! By running the whole race super clean with only 1 mistake throughout the whole 7-minutes! The first 2 or 3-minutes  Bobby and  I were creating a train and were waiting for the others to have a mistake and capitalize until I pulled away and never gave him an opportunity. I ended up taking the win!
4×4 Buggy –
As the whole building crowded up along the sides of the track to watch the very fast 4×4 Buggy A-Main race, the atmosphere got very bright as people were yelling and cheering certain drivers on. While sitting in the 4th position waiting for the tone to go off, I took a deep breath and just needed to stay smooth. Within the first 2 laps I made my way to 2nd place! The whole crowd was yelling. For 75% of the race I was in a heated battle with 1st place of Chris Cline! UNTIL!!!! I landed a jump fairly hard and my ball cup on the steering came off and sent my vehicle into the pipe messing up even more of my car. With about 2-minutes left,I was out with a DNF and had to watch the end of the race from the sides…

This race was very fun as I got to hang out with some racing friends I have not seen for a while ,as well as hanging out with some teammates from some different teams.

IMG_105250209601 IMG_140483385993

Tekno RC – (SCT410)
This things is just downright durable! Holds up through everything!

Pro-Line Racing
4×4 Short Course – (MC IONs front and rear)
4×4 Buggy –  (MC IONs front and rear)
These Tires I have been using for the whole season so far and are holding up great while giving me superior traction every time I hit the track!

Venom/Atomik –
4×4 Short Course – (8000mah 20c 2s lipos)
Unreal on how long they last and how smooth of a punch they provide in my truck!
4×4 buggy – (Atomik red 7.5 motor and 1/10 scale esc)
This combo in my buggy is nowhere short of awesome ! First time using it and definately stoked for using it!

PT Racing Oils – used in all my vehicles and are BY FAR the smoothest and most consistent oils ever!

Carpys – the sickest graphics and apparel on the market ! Awesome prizes and awesome staff!

I want to thank Tekno, Pro-Line, Venom/Atomik, PT Racing Oils, and Carpys for all the help!

Thank you,
Devin Chesney