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Pro-Line Monster Baja Beetle Transformation for the Original Traxxas Slash 4X4


There is one truck in my collection that has just stood the test of time. No matter what I throw at it, it just keeps going and going. My original Traxxas  Slash 4×4 is that truck, being  bashed, thrashed, and beaten. It’s a original first production HCG chassis model that continues to perform above and beyond the call of duty through countless tire, wheel and accessories testing. With such an outstanding service record, a transformation makeover is well deserved for this truck! Luckily, Pro-Line has many new products that will accomplish this goal and give the truck a much needed face lift it so well deserves.


I wanted to kick this truck it up a notch to a Monster, Attitude Immortalizing level that it so well deserves. Luckily, Pro-Line Racing has some new products that will accomplish this goal and give the truck a much needed face lift. The truck has already been upgraded some time ago with our 6082-00 ProTrac Suspension kit and our 6063-00 Front and 6063-01 Rear Powerstroke SC Shocks to give it superb handling and stability.


For that Monster look, a set of our new 10110-00 Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 2.8 All Terrain Tires and mounted them up to a set of our new 2755-03 F-11 2.8 Black 17mm Hex wheels. To mount these wheels to the Slash 4X4, you will need a set of the Traxxas 6856X 17mm Hex adapter conversion set. These also fit the Stampede 4X4 if you want to do a slightly smaller / shorter wheel base version



For the body,  our new 3238-02 Volkswagon Baja Bug Clear Body kit was chosen. This body is intended for the Yeti, but with some slight modifications to the rear body mounts, you can make it work.  For mounting the body, the 6087-00 Extended Front / Rear Body mount kit was used. The rear posts were cut short and then screwed on an angle directly to the rear shock tower as shown. The stock front bumper was trimmed down and the rear bumper from a Stampede 4×4 was added



The truck is still a work in progress as I plan to switch out to stiffer springs for larger / heaver battery packs. The new set up will be as follows; Front Shocks: 60wt oil, Red Upper Spring / Yellow Lower Spring. Rear Shocks: 50wt oil Red Upper Spring / Yellow Lower Spring. These stiffer springs can be purchased in the 6063-03 / 6063-04 Powerstroke Spring assortment kits.


The stock plastic drive shafts will eventually have to go as I put more power to it. While the stock axles will work with the ProTrac™ Suspension Kit, some customers may want a heavy duty CVD option for their truck (for Racing or Extreme Bashing purposes). The following MIP option has been confirmed to work with the Slash 4X4 ProTrac Suspension Kit:

MIP #11104 X-Duty CVD Kit (2 Required for Front and Rear)

MIP #10133 X-Duty Front Axle (2 Required for Front Left and Front Right)

If you already own X-Duty CVDs for the Slash®/Stampede® 4×4, you can use MIP #11105 Male bones to convert your drives to the new length. Axles can then be skipped in this case.


For more Scale detailing, we have over 10 accessories sets to choose from with everything from shoves to full fuel system detail parts. Check them all out on our Rock Crawling Performance Parts Accessories page!


In detailing the body, I used a 3M Stotchprint 1080 Vinyl Carbon Fiber Wrap and red pin striping which I picked up from a local auto parts store. The body was painted with a base coat Spaz Stix Candy Red, and then followed up with Spaz Stix black backer. It  was also used on the exterior to paint the fenders and rear cage section. The wheels were painted using Model Masters Gunmetal color paint and applied using a Dry Brush application technique.

Build Parts Check List:

Pro-Line Components

1x 6082-00 Slash 4×4 Pro Trac Suspension Kit

1x 6063-00 Powerstroke Front Shocks

1x 6063-01 Powerstroke Rear Shocks

1x 6063-03 Powerstroke Front Spring Assortment (Optional)

1x 6063-04 Powerstroke Rear Spring Assortment (Optional)

2x 10110-00 2.8 Interco TSL SX Tires (2x Pair Required)

2x 2755-03 F-11 2.8 Black 17mm Hex Wheels (2x Pair Required)

1x 3238-02 Volkswagon Baja Bug Clear Body kit

1x 6087-00 Extended Front / Rear Body Mount Kit

MIP X-Duty Shaft Components (Optional)

2x 11104 X-Duty CV Kit

2x 10133 X-Duty Front Axle (2x required for steering)

Traxxas Components (Required)

1x 6856x Traxxas 17mm Hex adapter Conversion Kit (Required)


I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at customerservice@prolineraing.com


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