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Edwin Hartman at 439 Raceway on Pro-Line Stunners and Blockades

On Saturday 11/8/2014 I headed up to 439 Raceway in Belton, TX to attend the David & Suzie Lovett Benefit Race. David and Suzie Lovett have been a strong influence in the RC world in Texas for many years, but unfortunately both have been diagnosed with cancer and the benefit race was organized to help them out financially. A total of 134 entries and over $5,500 was raised! We had the please of having David and Suzie in attendance for a few hours.

I decided to race Nitro Buggy and Pro4 at this event, as I rented out my E-Buggy to a new Tekno team driver. In the days leading up to the race, significant rainfall was recorded and the track was a bit sloppy on Saturday morning, but improved a lot throughout the day and provided very good racing! Due to electronic issues in Pro4, later to be found to be caused by bad solder and a bad soldering iron, caused me not to be able to finish a single race, but the laps that I was able to run showed that

My Tekno SCT410 was very competitive running Pro-Line M3 Stunners!

The Nitro Buggy class was stacked with 49 entries! Due to a bumpy track, thanks to the rain, it was important to put in clean runs during qualifying. I managed to do just that in the 3rd round and put my Tekno NB48 running Pro-Line X3 Blockades in the top 10 with a 7th place run! Unfortunately there were 6 hours between the last qualifier and the A main, so the track had changed. These changes were not really visible to the eye, but the traction had changed. I still decided to start the main with X3 Blockades and this ended up not being the best choice in Tire for the 40-minute Main, although they still had good traction and steering, re-thinking that decision now would have made me put X3 Fugitives on instead. Overall the main went fairly well, although I had an early phantom flame-out, but I was able to finish 9th at the end of the 40-minute Main. After the Main I inspected my tires and the thread still looks almost brand new!

I absolutely love the X-compound provided by Pro-Line!

Thank you for your continued support!

Edwin Hartman