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Galen McCreary Takes the Turkey in 2WD and 4WD on Pro-Line Electrons


Yesterday I attended the Thanksgiving Turkey Run held at Sparks Park in Columbus, OH. With a tire game starting to unfold it seemed. Nathan Clark put in a solid run and was able to hold a TQ in the first 2 rounds in 2 Wheel Mod. In round 3, I took a huge gamble and went out on M4 Electron’s as the track dried and it paid off, putting in a good enough run to capitalize on TQ. Not to mention Nathan had some bad luck in round 3 of 2wd Mod, having a mechanical failure causing him to pull off early. In 4 Wheel, I made some set up changes earlier in the week that had me feeling good about the car before the day started. I was able to put a run in all three rounds to take the TQ in that class as well.

Mains went well. I was fortunate enough in both mains that my cars were dialed, and was able to go tone to tone without any issues.

image2 image3

I wanna say a HUGE thanks to Associated for making super dialed cars.

Thanks to Pro-Line for getting me rubber that keeps my cars PLANTED.

Thanks to Schelle Racing for second to none products that keep my cars looking fresh and operational. Most importantly, thanks to my friends who make this hobby and sport all worth it, and thanks to Paul Sinclair and X Factory for making it a great event, and Glenn Sparks for the track and facility that we can enjoy.

Tires used:

4WD- M4 Electrons Front/Rear
2WD- M4 Electrons Rear / Transistor Front