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RCoverload – Proline Racing Pro-MT Kit Build – PT 1 – Front bumper & Shock Tower

In part 1 of the build series I show you how to install a few of the PRO-MT front end components together.

The first three steps of the instructions show you how to assembles the front bumper, skid plate, and the front shock tower together. These first couple of steps are very easy to do.

After assembling all of those components together. I then show you how to build the camber links. Don’t forget to Always pay attention to how the diagram in the instructions are presented. As their is a drivers side and passenger side specific setup with the camber links.

These links do require two different types of pivot balls, small and large…..

Here’s a tip – The small pivot ball goes on the shock tower side, and the large pivot ball will go on the carrier side. Also don’t forget to make sure the notch in the link is facing the driver side. This will make sure any adjustments that are needed to be made in the future will be set up correctly.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Stay tuned for more of this awesome build!

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