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Austin Pannone Locks Down 2nd Overall Sportsman by Winning JBRL Final Round using Pro-Line LockDown Tires


This past weekend was the end of the 2014 JBRL Nitro Series. The weekend started off rough with rain in the forecast and the track became flooded. With some great work by the Thunder Alley Track crew and IERC Raceway owner Larry, the track was back to normal and ready for racing with a small 3 hour delay on the racing program. Going into the day I was sitting third overall in the series points and I was looking for second place.


With the 1:8 Buggy fixed and the track in excellent condition, I was able to put a solid A-Main qualifying run together to start off in the third position for the final a main of the season and my last race in the sportsman class for JBRL.

After a long wait in the cold windy weather, it was finally time to start my 15-minute A-Main event.

The Buggy was amazingly hooked up on X3 LockDowns and it handled the very moist and soft track conditions very well.

The start of the Main was a little hectic and I dropped from 3rd to 7th. After the first few laps when everything settled down I was able to get back up to 3rd and I stayed there trying to wait until the round of pit stops to start, but after the two other drivers made a mistake I was able to pass them and stretch out a 20-second lead after pit stops. I ended my last sportsman race with a 20-second lead and it was a great way to end the 2014 JBRL Series.

After the end of the Main, I was able to take and secure the second place overall finish in the JBRL Series points. I would take second by 2 points over 3rd and lose first by 4 points to Pro-Line Teammate Jose Castelano. Congratulations to Jose for taking the sportsman Buggy and Truggy championships.

I would like to personally thank my brother Ryan Pannone for all the support throughout all of my racing. He has always been there to support me and make sure my cars are in the best possible condition. Also thanks to Bobby Clift and his dad Rob for all the help with parts and making sure my pit stops and driving are always the best they can possibly be.

Finally a big thanks to my Sponsors: Coyote Hobbies Raceway, Pro-Line, DA Designs, and Rudy Rosales Racing. Thank you all for the support!


-Austin “Dump Truck” Pannone