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RCoverload – Pro-Line Racing PRO-MT 1:10 2WD Monster Truck Kit Unboxing


Come see what is in the box of Pro-Line Racing’s newest truck, the PRO-MT 1:10 2WD Kit!

This truck not only looks incredible but is also built for speed, strength and pure bashing fun!!!! This truck comes with a lot of parts already upgraded in it to help keep you play harder for longer! For example, this truck comes with Harden Steel Transmission gears and Drive Axles! Those two components are the most commonly replaced parts just because of the stress put on them from extreme bashing! 

Just take a look at “some” of the other features found on this monster truck right out of the box!

Performance HD Transmission with hardened steel internal gears (Can handle 2s & 3s Lipo)
-Hardened steel drive shafts with reinforced drive pins
PowerStroke Shocks with duel spring rate action
-Aluminum caster blocks
-3mm Aluminum Chassis
-Aluminum steering pins for the steering rack with ball bearings for added smoothness and better response
-Side guards that come off the chassis to help protect your electronics from flying dirt and debris
2.8″ Trencher Tires mounted on F-11 Wheels
-Adjustable Steering Saver

Now Pro-Line racing took everything they new about racing, and put it all into a truck that could be used for basically anything! Especially bashing! From what I have seen so far, this truck is almost indestructible! Considering they have jumped it off a commercial building on to pavement like it was nothing……

Now this truck is a kit, so you will need to buy all of the electronics including the Radio, Receiver, Battery, electric motor, ESC (Electronic Speed Control) a pinion gear for your motor, paint for the body, and a charger for the battery of your choice. The cool part about this being a kit, is that you can customize it to how you want your electronic set up to be without having to replace stock components and feeling like you wasted some money.

-Pro-Line racing has also gone ahead and installed some of the major components for you like the transmission and motor mount, the steering rack assembly, and the rear bumper…All just to save you the effort of having to do it and save you time, so you can get out running this truck quicker then you can imagine…Heck painting the body may actually take longer than building this truck from what I can tell.

I am really looking forward to this build series as this is my first kit, and I have absolutely no idea how I am going to do this…haha. Either way i’ll make sure to cover any little bit of information or problems along the way to ensure you have a smooth build for yourself.

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Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for the build series!

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