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RCoverload – Axial Yeti Upgrade – PT 3 – Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shock and Camber Link Install


Let me show you how to install the Pro-Line Racing Pro-Spec Shocks and Camber Links in the Axial Yeti!

The Pro-Line Racing Pro-Spec Shocks are certainly a HUGE upgrade overall, compared to the Axial stock Shocks that were on their. Combined with Pro-Line’s Camber Link kit and Rod ends. The front of this Yeti will certainly be able to take some abuse over any terrain that challenges it.

Wile their is a small issue when installing these shocks on “my” heavily modified Axial yeti, I show you how to solve that problem with a few small spacers that already come with the shocks. Most Axial Yeti owners that have not upgraded their control arms and have not upgraded their shock tower may not run into this problem, and may not need spacers.

***The list below tells you what parts you will need to perform these upgrade on your own Axial Yeti!***

***Too install the Pro-Spec Front Shocks, you will need the following parts. –

– Pre Assembled Pro-Spec Shocks for Short Course Front – 6308-30 – http://prolineracing.com/performance-…

-Pro-Spec Front Spring (Purple) Super Hard Kit – 6308-15 –

-Power Stroke Scale Plastic and Rebuild Kit (For the long rod ends) – 6060-01 –

***Too install the Camber links on the Axial Yeti for both your steering and camber links, you will need these parts. –

-4x60mm turn buckles for Protrac 4×4 Front Camber Links ( Steering Links) – 6082-02 –

-Protrac Suspension Kit Camber Links (50mm X 4mm)For PRO-2 SC and Slash – 6062-06 –

-Pro-2 Hard Anodized Pivot Ball & Rod End Set For Slash 2wd – 6102-00 –

For more information regarding how the Pro-spec Shocks work, feel free to watch Pro-Line Racing’s Assembly video! –http://youtu.be/uzgbkb424hI

If you want to see Pro-LineRacing’s Blog Post about the Yeti? Click the link below! Theirs a ton of other mods that you can perform on the yeti, that Pro-Line covers! – http://www.prolineracing.com/blog/201…

I hope you all enjoyed!

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