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Jörn Neumann off to a great start in EOS RD1 in Poland

The 4th EOS season got underway last weekend in Poznan, Poland. The race were held at the Poznan Hobby Fair.

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Friday started with 5 Rounds of practice for each class with 2WD first, followed by 4WD and 4x4SCT. The carpet had not so much traction and the setup needed a few changes. After that changes my cars felt good.
2WD was on Saturday with 3 qualifications count out of 6 Rounds. I was able to get a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place to start 3rd on the grid for the triple A-Mains.
A1 was going good and I was in the lead after the leaders crashed, but a few corners later my car jumped nose down and I was last, because of the marshal couldn’t go to my car. I decided to stop and save my tires for the next 2 A-Mains which worked out great.

A2 I was fighting with Carson and Lee for the second place for about 3-minutes. I finished 3rd. A3 I passed Carson after a couple laps and had a decent gap to 2nd place. Won A3 to finish 2nd overall in 2WD.

Sunday was 4WD and 4×4 SCT time. 5 Rounds of qualification, best 3 counted. I got 3 2nd places, which put me 2nd on the grid for the triple A-Mains.
A1 was good and I had a clean race to finish 2nd.

A2 I had an early mistake which put me back to 3rd, but after couple laps I was back in 2nd place where I finished. A3 was going good and I took the win to finish 2nd overall in 4WD.

4×4 Modified Short Course was perfect all weekend, I was able to TQ all Rounds in qualifying and win the triple A-Mains.

Overall it was a good start to the EOS season, next Round will be in Germany at the end of January.


Pro-Line products used:

3413-00 EVO SC Body
2740-03 F-11 SC wheels
2735-02 Velocity Front Wheels
2736-02 Velocity RearWheels
6250-17 Trifecta wing
6031-00 Pro-Line Tire Glue
6077-00 12mm hex adapters

Thank you,

Jörn Neumann