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Cory Craig Review: Hole Shot 2.0

M4 Hole Shot  just plain works.

If the track is packed, with slight dust, or even a groove to it, this tire just plain works. When a Blockade starts to get slick, a Hole Shot will fill the void. It has the most side bite of almost any tire I have used.

I read where someone said bolting these on is like cheating, and I can’t say that I disagree with that statement in the slightest.

I have won more races on Hole Shots than any other type of tire in my bag. The wear on them is fantastic ( I managed to get 1 set of M4s to last all weekend in 4WD SCT @ Wicked Weekend 2014 ), and their grip is consistent even as they wear. If I could only own 1 set of tires for my SCT, this is the set it would be, without question 😀

Cory Craig