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Steve Graham Running Scared, Straight to the podium, on Pro-Line Hole Shots

RunningScaredTruggyAmain RunningScaredNitroBuggyAmain

Had a great weekend at the Running Scared Race at MBRC in Kennett Square, PA on Saturday, 10/25. Big thanks to Jim, Mark, Skidlid, and Mo who always put on a good show! I decided to run all three Tekno kits in E-Buggy Pro, Nitro Buggy Pro and Nitro Truggy with my Pro-Line tires and Maxy’s Fuel. During qualifiers the track conditions kept changing as temps rose and track dried out so in E-Buggy I tried M3 Big Blox for the first time and really liked them when the track was damp and still pretty hard packed. In NB I tried X3 LockDowns in the same conditions which I always liked when there’s a bit of loam on the edges and hard packed center line. In Truggy I tried M3 Blockades initially but as the day warmed up I ended up transitioning to X3 Hole Shots on all three kits. As the track had dried out I decided to experiment with my Pro-Line Trifecta Wings and added the larger wickerbill which definitely increased downforce and stability on the straight. After qualifying I was sitting 4th in Nitro Truggy Pro A-Main, 5th in Electric Buggy Pro A-Main, and 6th in Nitro Buggy Pro A-Main.

We did double A Electric Mains and 25-minute nitro A-Mains and all of my races were back to back so I had 70-minutes straight on the track which probably ended up helping me. Had a great race chasing Jay M. as usual in E-Buggy and I ended up finishing 5th in both races but taking 4th overall.

In Nitro Truggy, it was a great race with Mo D. and Duane K. wheel to wheel the entire time. Between the three of us we traded back and forth positions for the first half of the race, unfortunately Mo had some bad luck and fell a lap down which left me and Duane battling for 10-minutes. I ended up leading with a few minutes to go and turned some great laps but unfortunately with 15-seconds to go I had my first bobble of the race and clipped a pipe which Duane took full advantage of and took first place. I finished 2nd which was still great because the race was so fun, always good clean racing with those two guys. My Tekno NT48 with Pro-Line X3 Hole Shots seems to be my “go-to” combo for Mains, the NT48 always finishes the race and looks good doing it and the X Compound really does hold up well in longer races so my kit and tire performance stays stable through the entire race.

Running RunningScaredBuggy RunningScaredTruggy

Finally, we ran the Nitro Buggy Pro A-Main last and it was another great race. Again, I ran the X3 Hole Shots on my Tekno NB48 but I removed the larger wickerbill from the Trifecta Wing because the track had plenty of traction. I started 6th and at the start Jamie G. pretty much took off and the battle was for 2nd and 3rd. At some point I got up to 3rd place and settled in and tried to get my rhythm while chasing Ofir, we ended up trading positions back and forth for the second half of the race but fortunately for me, he needed to pit once more and I didn’t which gave me just enough breathing room to get out in front but he quickly regained the ground and a great battle ensued. At one point I got squirrelly going up a rutted incline and Ofir clipped me just a bit causing me to spin out but even though it wasn’t 100% his fault, he checked up and waited for me which shows what a great sportsman Ofir is and I owe him one for that. We ended up battling the last few laps and I finished 2nd with Ofir just one second behind me. Great race, again always fun trying to keep up with Ofir.

What a great day and I can’t thank Tekno. Maxy’s Fuel and Pro-Line enough for equipping me with such great durable products that always allow me to finish the race and of course big thanks to Justin “The Crew Chief” LallyLally for the always lightning fast pit stops and moral support! Great way to end the season at MBRC with John E., J. Jones, Tyler “The Kid” Cook, Drew Q. and Scooby.

Steve Graham