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Cory Craig: EVO SC Body Review

I have tried tons of bodies! From several different manufactures and the EVO SC not only flies the best of them all but it is the absolute most durable.

I have been running ONE of these, fully cut out, on large outdoor 8th scale tracks and smaller indoor style tracks, on both my 2wd and 4wd trucks.

THE SAME BODY ON BOTH. The body has been abused for the last 3 + months, racing and practicing at least 2-4 days a week, AND IT’S STILL GOING!!

Parachuting is reduced almost to extinction. Although it still will parachute, I found I was able to make jumps with ease that other guys using other bodies struggled with.

Grab one of the pre cut bodies, and paint it a color and scheme you wouldn’t mind staring at a while, cause destroying one of these Beauties will take significant effort! :D

You won’t be disappointed 🙂