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Ryan Dunford wins at Exeter on Pro-Line Electrons

exeter 2w mod exeter 4w mod exeter 4wsc

This weekend was the 2014 Fall Classic up at Exeter Hobbies. This small town is host to a fantastic facility that holds this race each year that is truly a class act.  It is always fun with great friendly faces and great food. This year, Ryan Dunford was in attendance running 2WD Mod, 4WD Mod, and PRO4 SC. He ran against a tough field in 2WD Mod and 4WD Mod this year with 3 heats of 4WD and 2 heats of 2WD qualifying first in 4WD Mod and 2nd in 2WD Mod.

His TLR 22-4 with Pro-Line MC compound Electrons was truly on point.  It would seem to be the tire of choice amongst the leaders of many of the classes.  In the Main, he pulled away from the field leading wire to wire for the 7-minutes with traction to spare.

2WD Mod was another matter.  He started off pacing the TQ with his TLR 22 2.0 mid motor also on Pro-Line MC Electrons. On lap 2 coming onto the sweeper his car flipped over and he would fall to last. For the rest of the 7-minutes, he pushed his vehicle hard without worry and would pass for 2nd place on the last lap.

In Pro4, Ryan would take his TLR SCTE 2.0 to victory from the TQ position using Pro-Line MC Electrons.