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Cameron Dopp wins 4WD Buggy at RC Madness using Pro-Line Pin Points

This Friday I raced at RC Madness my local hobby shop. I had raced my 4WD Xray 1:10 Buggy and I also got the chance to race my friends Schumacher Cougar KF.

I qualified 4th in my friends Schumacher in the A-Main and I qualified 3rd in my 4WD Buggy race A-Main. Although I had a few troubles adjusting to the new Buggy, I had an overall good night.

With the Cougar KF I placed 2nd in the A-Main final using Pro-Line Pin Points and the Wedge Squared carpet front tires. In my 4WD Buggy I placed 1st in the A-Main using the Pin Points all the way around.

IMG_8382 IMG_8383

It was another successful night!

– Cameron Dopp