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First Race Day With Pro-Line VTR 2.4″ Suburbs


I finally had a chance to run a pair of Suburbs VTR 2.4″ MC Rear Tires and the results were impressive!

I put a fresh pair of VTR Suburbs MC (Clay) on the rear of my Kyosho RB6 and hit the track. After about 6-7 laps the Buggy came to life, the tires had impressive forward and side bite. As I continued making laps, the tires only improved and became more consistent. My lap times were down by 1 second compared to other bar style clay tires I had been running. After the first Qualifier of the day, I cleaned the tires and did a light application of traction compound and let them dry. It was time for round 2 of qualifying, once on the track the tires were even better! I was blown away at how much of a difference they made in my driving. My RB6 was now predictable and fun to drive, the harder I pushed it the better it handled. The VTR Suburbs continue to improve, they have about 10 6-minute runs on them now and offer consistent performance throughout the day as the track dries-out.

The verdict…. Wow! Very impressed with the new Suburb’s VTR design and the consistent performance. These will now remain one of my go-to tire choices for indoor clay tracks.

Track: Mike’s RC World Bellingham, WA

  • Indoor Med. to High grip
  • Smooth Clay – Wet in the morning

Car: Kyosho RB6 in Rear Motor Config.

Ian Hanson