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Devin Chesney with a Podium finish at the LCRC Halloween Race on Pro-Line Hole Shot 2.0s

Date: 10/18/14 Track: LCRC Racewayย Event: 6th Annual Halloween Race
Race Setup: Friday Practice, Saturday 2 rounds with single A-Mains
Classes Raced:
1:8 E-Buggy
1:8 E-Truggy
4×4 SCT


After a long week of wrenching and rebuilding, I went Friday evening for some quick practice on the fresh layout. I woke up Saturday morning with my cars feeling pretty solid. For the first round my races went Buggy first, SC second and Truggy third. For the Buggy, my strategy was to head out and throw a solid first run to get on the board as high as possible. While going out and running my own pace and only getting upside down once (from coming short on a step up) this run put me 5th overall out of 70+ buggies total!

In my SC heat, I wanted to go out and not crash as my strategy. After the flawless heat, I put down a TQ run while 4-seconds ahead. I was 1st of 20+ SC trucks. In Truggy, I knew there were not many drivers, but all of them were very skilled. So I wanted a solid run. After the first round I ended up 3rd overall behind Joe Bornhorst and a serpent driver.

For the second round I went out with some clean cars and clean tires and tried to gain some spots in all classes. I stayed in my original positions in Buggy and Truggy but lost a spot in SC as I fell 3-seconds back in second behind Tekno driver Ryan Scott.

The Mains:
For the Mains, my first Main was with my Buggy. As the race started I found myself instantly in 3rd place. I was running pretty well alone. Unfortunately, I got a little too comfortable and crashed, putting me in a heated battle for the whole rest of the race. This left no more than 2-seconds between 2nd and 6th. 2nd through 4th got away and battled it out. I was waiting for a mistake and ended up going too hard into a corner as I went for a last lap pass and ended up 5th overall just where I started!

In 4×4 SCT I made a hard run right away to try and get out front and away from the rest of the pack. As I did this I found myself a few minutes in, ahead by 5-seconds. While running the race strong and at the same time trying to conserve battery life on this large track, I hit a step up jump a little short and my truck lost all steering (my servo wire came unplugged from my receiver box). With a minute to go I was left with a DNF ๐Ÿ™
After my heart breaker in 4×4 SCT I wanted a super finish in Truggy! This race was full of very experienced drivers. I ran my own race basically the whole way to the finish in the 3rd position in which I started!

Tekno EB48.2/Pro-Line X4 Lockdowns/Venom 5000 MAH 50C/Carpys Decals/PT racing oils
Tekno ET48/ Pro-Line M3 Hole Shot/Venom 5000 MAH 50C for quals/Carpys Decals/PT racing oils
Tekno SCT410/ Pro-Line M3 Stunners/Venom 8000 MAH 20C/Carpys Decals/PT racing oils

IMG_0693 IMG_0692 IMG_0691

This event was held at LCRC Raceway (Local Track) as this race drew over 200 Entries! Which was awesome! My overall finishes was 5 of 70+ in E-Buggy, 3rd of 30+ Truggies, and DNF in SCT ๐Ÿ™

Devin Chesney