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Jeremy Reid’s Triple at Steve Raddatz Memorial Race on Pro-Line Blockades and LockDowns


This past weekend I attended the 6th Annual Steve Raddatz Memorial Race. The SHARC crew throws this race every year in honor of the original owner and founder of the club Steve Raddatz. Steve Raddatz was the founder of the SHARC club. He and his wife Gina owned the Hobbytown USA here in Florence. He was killed in a plane crash a few years ago. The memorial race was started to pay honor to him and help raise funds for groups and charities that he was a member of or that his wife let’s us donate to. The primary group that we used to donate to had some policy changes a couple of years ago and Gina asked that we seek new charities to donate to. This year was the Colbert County Animal Shelter.


At the event I ran Nitro Buggy, E-Buggy, and Nitro Truggy. We had a rain delay at the beginning of the day but when the track crew dried it out, we were left with a consistent high traction surface. In Truggy I ran X3 Blockades, I had a great battle with Cole Kasten but at the end I was able to pull away and take the win.

In Nitro Buggy, I ran M4 LockDowns and my car was super dialed. I got hung up on a pipe on the first lap but once I got into the groove I caught back up pulled away and took the win!

In E-Buggy I also ran M4 LockDowns, I led most of the race but at the end I had a few small mistakes that put me back to third where I finished.

This race also concluded the Alabama Iron Man Series, a 4 part series of some of the biggest races in North Alabama.

After a very good day in all three of my classes I was able to win Nitro Buggy, E-Buggy, and Nitro Truggy.

Thanks again Daniel Adams and Pro-Line for sponsoring me for the 2014 season.

Jeremy Reid