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Victor Guerrero Wis at Sidewinder Nitro Explosion With LockDown Tires

Well I had an awesome time in Chula Vista, CA at Hot Rod Hobbies for the Sidewinder Nitro Explosion

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I was able to secure the TQ in Intermediate Buggy and started 2nd in Truck

Truck Main came and I led basically the whole race but made a mistake on the last lap, last corner, which cost me the win. Finished 2nd overall.

Buggy Main was what I wanted and was able to finish on the top of the box for the win overall!

I ran M3 Blockades in Truck and X3 LockDowns in Buggy due to the track drying out and being very abrasive. I had plenty of tread left after the 30-min Main.

-Victor Guerrero