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Devin Chesney With a Great Finish at the WRL Series on Pro-Line IONs

Date: 10/13/14
Event: 1st round of the WRL Series
Track: Sparks RC Raceway
Race Setup: 3 Rounds With Single 8-Min A-Mains


Classes Raced:
4×4 SCT
1:8 E-Buggy

1st Round

4×4 SCT- after going out and making a few practice laps, my car was not reading on the lap counting system while going across the line. We figured out that my three wire transponders do not work at this track. So unfortunately, I had to take a DNF for this round.

1:8 E-Buggy- after one of my teammates told me that they had an extra transponder that would work he let me borrow it to swap between my two cars. So after swapping out transponders, I went out in E-Buggy and laid a pretty good run placing me in 3rd overall.

2nd Round

4×4 SCT- now that I had a transponder that would work and knew I was gonna make the second qualifier, I just wanted to go out and put in a decent run to put me on the board and that I did as I qualified overall in 4th position.

1:8 E-Buggy- heading out for this round I had a few more bobbles than what I wanted and slowed down a little putting me in 5th overall.

3rd Round

4×4 SCT- This round was flawless for me in both classes by having super smooth runs while only tagging the pipe maybe once or twice and moving up a spot with both so for the mains I was going to start 3rd in 4×4 SCT and 4th in 1:8 E-Buggy.


The Mains:
4×4 SCT- while starting 3rd I knew that all I had to do was keep the guys infront of me in sight and I could have a chance to pass. I managed to do just that! At about 2 to 3-mins in I made the pass on 2nd place and my goal from there was to hold off Joe Bornhorst from lapping me as I managed to run a mistake free race all the way to the finish in second place!

1:8 E-Buggy- I went out for this race with same mindset as the first and to run my own race and not get into too much traffic. I was racing and I came up on 2nd and 3rd very fast as they got together. From my pressure, I got around them both in one turn! After this happened, my goal was to run good enough to the finish that Joe Bornhorst would not lap me and I did so! Right up until about one minute left he caught up and I help him off the whole rest of the race running the best I have ever ran before in my racing career! I knew I could hold him off fairly decent and ended up falling into a trap and got too comfortable and pushed way wide as he capitalized and passed me on the inside on the last lap, I could not catch back up before the line and finished up a lap down in 2nd.

IMG_95069110782577 IMG_95059496341658

Tekno SCT410, Pro-Line MC ION Tires, Venom 8000 MAH 20C Battery, PT racing oils, and carpys decals

Tekno EB48.2, Pro-Line MC ION Tires, Venom 5000 MAH 50c Battery, PT racing oils, and carpys decals

This whole event was a major event for me due to the fact that I got to go hang out and race with my teammate and good friend Joe while getting to learn a lot from him to progress in my racing skills, which it did. He taught me something that I never learned before known as the “STRIKE” it helped me so much!

Thanks to all my sponsors, Tekno RC, Pro-Line Racing, Venom/Atomik, PT racing oils, and carpys!