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Steve Graham With A Strong Pro-Line Equipped Finish at Northeast Worlds

So I had planned to race a double header over the weekend but unfortunately, Saturday got rained out but I was still able to get to Trains N Lanes for the 2nd Annual Northeast Worlds on Sunday.

It was a great day but very cold and long. We ran three 10-min qualifiers and after finding the right setup and tires I qualified 5th in Truggy and 11th in Buggy.

I was running my Trifecta wing and M4 Blockades early in the day when it was cold and the track was damp but as the day warmed up and the track grooved up, I tried X3 LockDowns and X3 Diamond Backs in Buggy and went to the M3 Hole Shots in Truggy.

In the Nitro buggy B-Main I switched back to the M4 Blockades as the sun had gone down and the moisture came back up. I finished second and so I managed to bump to the A-Main event.

Next up was the Truggy A-Main. My Truggy had been great all day and I finally got my new engine broken-in and tuned right. I got a Murnan Novarossi Keep Off 7XL and the power was amazing but even better was the 10+ minute run time, which meant no pit during qualifiers. Anyway, I ran a great A-Main on my Blockades, very consistent! Unfortunately, I ended up finishing second! Doh!

Can’t wait to get my hands on a Pro-Line fuel stick, my pit guy keeps asking when I am getting one, he’s sick of the plastic one I have plus he’s short so the stick will be easier but he is already so fast fueling me, can’t imagine how much faster he will be the “stick.”

Unfortunately, it got too late and I had leave before the Nitro Buggy A-Main which was the last race of the night.


Anyway, another strong finish with Truggy and an “ok” performance with Buggy. I think I have gotten to the point where I can’t drive my Buggy any faster without first getting better with setup and making changes from track to track, I certainly have the best Tires for the job!

Up next, this Saturday is a club race at Mushroom Bowl in Kennett Square, PA and Sunday is the Equalizer III Cash Race at Hobby Hut in Audobon, PA which is a cool format with all nitro mains being 20-minutes and double Mains for all electric.

Steve Graham