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Dylan Hunter makes a great run at the Catalina Race Mixer on Pro-Line Scrubs

This past Saturday I raced at the Catalina Race Mixer at Revolution Raceway in Appleton, Wisconsin.


This was also my first race with the TLR 22T.

I was not expecting to be running up with all the fast guys seeing that I am using a 17.5 turn motor.

So, I was surprised when I finished second in both heats for qualified 4th overall in the A-Main.  The A-Main was a load of fun. I had a rough start but passed the drivers; one by one managing to get to 4th place. I ended a few turns behind 3rd place.


I would have never been able to race that well without the help from my Pro-Line Scrubs in the M4 Compound.

Thank you Pro-Line for all the support.  I’ve included a Setup Sheet for the truck I used at the race.


-Dylan J-R Hunter

IMG_0702 IMG_0700 IMG_0701