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Robert Martin Race Report

Q3 was outstanding; we are about finished with our last race in the Alabama Ironman Series, and I’m currently ranked 5th in the state in 2wd Buggy and 6th in 4WD Short Course Truck. I was able to attend many races including 5th Annual Rocket City Challenge, with over 150 entries!


Accomplishments include:

  • 5th Annual Rocket City Challenge
  • Free to the public RC workshop
  • 2nd place win at SHARC, with a new RC10T4.2. Qualified 3rd and finished 2nd overall, first time out with the new truck!
  • Oh, and a small thing you guys might have seen… The pit trailer is now finished inside and out!

Pit Trailer

This is combined with many club races at both RC3 in Huntsville, AL and Florence, AL. It’s been a good quarter for our team! I’ve loaned batteries, tires and even entire vehicles to make our teams image to be the best it can be!

So what’s next?
With the season slowing down I’m moving indoors! My next big race will the the 6th Annual Steve Raddatz Memorial Race October 10th and 11th. The long awaited 3rd Annual Toys for Tots race at The Warehouse Hobby Raceway, this is always a huge event!

I’m looking forward to a relaxed Q4 and improving my knowledge both on and off the track.

Without Pro-Line’s help much of this wouldn’t be possible.

In closing, thank you for your support! With it we are able to promote, prosper and most importantly, we are able to educate and empower other racers to better themselves!

We truly have a great team!


Robert Martin