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Preparation For Indoor Season Opener at Mike’s RC World in Bellingham, WA

On Saturday 10/4/14, I Spent 10 hours at the track getting all my cars dialed in as well as testing new tires.

At 8:00am the track was damp and began to dry up around 10:30am. I started out with a new set of 2.4″ Electrons on my RB6, the performance was better than any other tire I ran last winter. These tires were even better than a broken-in and sauced tire that have been the Gold standard at our track for the last couple years. I am going to try some 2.2″ Electrons and compare the performance against the VTR size.

On my Kyosho SCR I ran IONs in the MC compound, these tires performed amazingly, from wet to dry track conditions they stayed consistent and stuck like glue. I am waiting to try the ION’s on my RT6, I’ll post an update as soon as I try them out.

All my cars are better than last year and I couldn’t be happier with these new Pro-Line tires! Quite a few guys at the track took notice and are starting to run Electrons.

I was able to finish painting the last body for my indoor season, Pro-Line T4.2 Bulldog for my RT6.

All 3 of my cars are ready to go and looking good.



Happy Racing!

Ian Hanson