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Steve Graham with a Podium Finish at The NorthEast Showdown on Pro-Line Hole Shots

At the NorthEast Showdown at LCRC on 9/27/14 and had a great time, close to 200 entries and lots of competition. I ran only nitro this weekend to see if it would help me with throttle control and I think it definitely made a difference.


I finished 3rd in Nitro Truggy A and after a rough day chasing set up and the ever changing track conditions.

I only made the Nitro Buggy C-Main and unfortunately the LCRC loop started having issues and didn’t count my laps, my pit guy said he was confident I was at least 4th if not higher but didn’t care to argue it as it was only the C-main.

In Truggy I qualified top of B-Main, missing the A by just a second but had a great run and lead the entire 15-minutes of the B to bump to the A which was actually a blessing because it gave me good practice for the A and gave me a good idea what Tires to run as the lower temps changed the traction dramatically from qualifiers.

After a late night snack and coffee run, I lined up for the Truggy A with my M3 Pro-Line Hole Shots and Pro-Line Trifecta Wing and honestly was just happy to be in it considering the competition but I settled in and started working my way thru the group. Unfortunately once again the loop had issues and I went from 4th to 8th on the computer 10-minutes in but decided to just keep cool and keep going and go as fast as I could and see where the dust settled at the end. I was still 8th according to the computer at finish and I was about to leave but was told LCRC was reviewing the Truggy Main and as it turns out I took 3rd, unfortunately the guy who thought he got third took my trophy so I got a replacement trophy and since they couldn’t go back and correct it in the computer, I only have the manually corrected finishing results but better than nothing!

IMG_0534 IMG_0529

Thanks to my buddy Justin for pitting and marshaling for me all day too, certainly freed me up to focus on my set-ups.

– Steve Graham