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Mark Smyka Wins KONE on Pro-Line Hole Shot 2.0s


So let’s start off with the biggest race of the season this was the KONE finals and the top three spots were separated by only three points, so the championship was up for grabs. I rebuilt my Hot Bodies D812 and mounted up some new M3 Blockade Tires, checked my Reds Racing R5 team and put a new plug and clutch on it during the week to get ready for this race. I showed up on Saturday to run a few laps before heading to the owners Lester house to get ready for a nice dinner with a bunch of other fellow racers. Sunday morning I got to the track early to see that the rain the night before had left a lot of puddles on the track so the track owner and track crew did a fantastic job getting everything up and running and only cost us about an hour or two of delay.

The first round went off and I just tried to run a good clean race but that didn’t happen. I had my car still setup for the dry track the day before and the wet dirt still we had so much traction I was traction rolling a couple of times so I ended up fourth for the round.

The second and final round was now up and I knew I wanted to start higher on the grid and I wanted that extra 1 point for TQ but with a few mistakes, I ended up second overall. Not bad but now I needed to win to win the point series overall, so I checked out my car and watched some of the races in between and noticed the track drying out a lot so I went back to my pit, mounted up some M3 Hole Shot 2.0’s, and put them on my car.

The Main kicked off and I made a pass on the first lap over the big double and never looked back until I ran out of fuel on my pit lap about 50 feet before pit lane my pit guy grabbed my car filled it and fired it right back up and threw me back out so this put me back to second right behind the leader. We battled for a few laps until I made an inside pass and took off again taking the overall win and the series for the second straight year in a row!


I would like to thank everyone that has helped me this year and I hope to continue with them for year to come:

Pro-Line Racing
Hot Bodies USA
REDS Racing
Advantage Racing
O’Donnell Racing Fuel

Mark Smyka